Saturday, July 29, 2006

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power. Everybody has a spontaneous feeling towards achieving knowledge of some or other kind. But question arises what is this knowledge? Is mere collection of information constitutes knowledge? Accumulation of information is important to build knowledge but organizing those accumulated information to create knowledge is even more important. Human being suffers due to his ignorance. Ignorance about self, about the environment, about the universe makes him face his doomsday and thus who lack knowledge to compete perished from this earth.

Quest for knowledge…

Acquiring knowledge depends upon many factors. It requires a particular bent of mind to gather a specific kind of knowledge though some people are versatile genius. Some says man grasps knowledge depending upon the quantity of intellectual capital he possesses. Yes, I hope all beings possess some amount of intellectuality by virtue of which they master some techniques and gather knowledge and the quest for knowledge is an unending process as it is difficult to accumulate a drop of that from the ocean of knowledge.

We will discuss regarding the various aspects of knowledge in our subsequent writings.